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Below are links to the necessary rental paperwork needed to get our equipment and packages on your set. You may also send your state of Florida sales tax exemption form to


SERVICE POLICY – Latest Update Nov 28th, 2018


Billing Information 

Please make all checks payable to:

Digital Flamingo, Inc

2021 NW 90th Ave Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


Service House

We are not a rental house. We are a service house, thats what we specialize in. We place the right gear on a job but also knowledgeable technicians to help you get the most out of the equipment. There is a complete separation between equipment payables and labor.


Equipment Rental Payables

All equipment rentals must be payed in full before the gear can make it’s way to your job. You can pay by signing our Credit Card Authorization form which will be sent to you throughout your rental preparation process. All major credit cards are accepted, there is no additional fee. You may also email an e-check to Our digital invoices have a PayPal link and you can remit payment there as well.


Labor Payables

All labor payables are subject to your terms. Unless otherwise stated the default terms are the last day of your principal photography. Terms may be no longer than 30 calendar days. Some invoices do not qualify for labor payment terms.


Overtime Labor

The standard labor day is based on 10 hours from call time. Overtime pay is calculated at time and a half for the 11th and 12th hour of labor and at double time for the 13th and above hours. We do have 12 hour and above rates, those are specific to the nature of the job and you may inquire about that.



7% sales tax will be added to all equipment rentals. Valid state of Florida tax exemption can be emailed to for review.



All grip/electric packages come standard with an expendable package. These items are billed as used and are added to the invoice at end of the job.


Rental Insurance

Proof of insurance is needed on most rentals. Please make the loss payee out to: Digital Flamingo, Inc 2021 nw 90th ave pembroke pines. fl 33024. A no-insurance rental is at our discretion. All no-insurance rentals are at a replacement cost basis after signing our rental service contract and credit card authorization form.


Final Rental

Once a piece of gear or a package finds its way onto your job the rental payable is final. The equipment was made available or placed on hold for you for your specific job. There are no monetary refunds.

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